Why Testing?

Busy building your software application? Have you implemented a testing strategy as part of your product development cycle? If not, we can help. Companies without dedicated testing teams are challenged by high costs, unexpected business fluctuations and are unable to fulfill individualized testing demands. This leads to inadequate test coverage, sketchy reliability and poor overall quality. The risk of offering a buggy product is greater than the cost to test it.

Test Automation

Test automation is an important facet of saving time and creating an efficient testing schedule. However software testing can be very repetitive, such is the case with Regression Testing, when you take a test you've used before and rerun it to make sure old bugs haven't been copied back into the code base and thus regressed. Falafel Engineers are widely experienced in creating workflows that leverage the power of automating testing to easy create repeatable tests and free up your resources. With our training, your team can set your own test automation at their pace and with our mentoring package, we can lend a hand whenever you need us.

Platform Testing: Web, Desktop, Mobile & other Smart Devices

There are unique issues with different platforms and one needs the experience and expertise to navigate all these different issues that can arise. Whether your application is built for web, desktop mobile or other smart devices, we can train your team to recognize patterns and assess the steps necessary for solving and testing for the same patterns across the other platforms.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is necessary for every software product to understand how its functions, outputs, user inputs, data manipulation, integrations and workflows behave relative to its requirements and expectations. We help you develop test cases mimicking or applying your company’s customers to examine if there are opportunities to create a better user experience. With functional testing, the aim is to avoid potential regressions and to observe any unexpected user behavior.

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Usability Testing

Usability testing is similar to functional testing but adds real world scenarios and in an environment from ideal experience. We help you test the workflows and use cases that actual users would behave and perform. Usability is continual throughout the development process and after feedbacks from your initial users. This testing improves overall product experience and promotes new ways to better the user experience.

Performance Testing

Will your system perform on specific test scenarios such as during an overload and still process the increased data volume? What is the system limit and extreme conditions the software will run in? Performance testing focuses on testing with loads and stress simulating the production environment so the system can be ready when the performance load increases in a live scenario. These are some of the challenges, you will need to tackle during the performance testing phase. It keeps scalability within reach and gives you peace of mind. We review with your team and show how they can manage these tests with testing tools and make sure your application is performing at its best.

API Testing

The brain of all connected device and software is the API. It’s a set of tools, protocols, standards and code that combines the digital experience together. Testing APIs prevents errors that could have multiple business impacts and ensures that it works efficiently and effectively. API testing is one of the most challenging and important parts of the whole chain of software testing because it make sure that our digital experience runs flawlessly and efficiently. You need an experienced engineer to help guide your team to test correctly, measure and offer possible solutions while adapting to the change in your development cycle. We show your team how to adapt to this evolving and important system.

Testing Software Training

We offer our award winning training and world renowned training books to learn how to build an automated keyword test or dive deeper with test scripts for overall testing control both for single individuals or for entire company. Using various testing software, we teach your engineering team the knowledge they need to handle any road bumps along the road without slowing down the car.

“This was the best tool training I have ever attended. On a scale of 1 – 10, it was an ELEVEN. I can’t wait to use all that I have learned! I will recommend this training to others.”
- James Ashe, Bentley



Falafel standarized on Progress Software's component suite after trying so many different qualified vendors. Falafel enjoys a great relationship with both Telerik's Bulgarian and US teams and has built world class consulting and training around Progress Software's products.



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