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Android Nuts and Bolts

Get started building your own Android applications using Eclipse and this book from Falafel Software. You'll start with "hello world" and end with deployment to the Android marketplace. Learn how to test your applications in the emulator, create mobile interfaces declaratively and in code, use the standard Android widgets to work with images, text, dates, times, progress bars, "toasts", dialogs, tabs and menus. Display data from web services and sql databases in lists, spinners and galleries.

Learn to use intents to invoke your own activities and to interact with built-in Android applications like the phone dialer, music playback viewer, web browser, map application and more. Learn how to pass data between activities and then have a little fun using speech recognition to drive your own application. The book finishes up with the details for building, signing and deploying your application to the Android marketplace.



This course assumes you know the basics of Java programming and working in the Eclipse IDE.

Contents at a Glance


  • Getting Started
  • Creating the User Interface
  • Widgets
  • Lists
  • Menus
  • Android Life Cycle
  • Threading
  • Data Storage
  • Content Providers
  • Getting Your App to Market

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