MeWatt Corporation

IOT Energy Saving Device

MeWatt Corporation
Project Description

Our team at Falafel built MeWatt, a revolutionary IoT product that assists households in becoming knowledgeable about their energy usage and produces suggestions and alerts all in an effort to reduce and control home energy costs. Harnessing the power of the Amazon cloud, MeWatt takes advantage of technologies such as PostreSQL, Redis, Redshift, Lambdas, Firehose, RDS and SNS. Health of the overall system is closely monitored using tools such as AWS CloudWatch and Raygun. Real-time data collection and reporting is available through MQTT. MeWatt provides a fully featured web portal, built on Node.js technologies for consumers to manage their devices and view their usages, as well as perform other tasks such as viewing historical data and establishing schedules for their devices. A mobile application built using NativeScript is also available for consumers to perform many of the same tasks. On the hardware side, the Falafel team developed the device from the ground up, selecting parts and laying out PCB designs, bringing it from idea, to prototype, to becoming a professional consumer device.

  • Cloud
  • NativeScript
  • Kendo UI
  • AWS
  • MQTT
  • Node.js
  • Auth0
  • ESP8266 (MCU)
  • UL