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Project Description

AgWorks is a portal site that provides agents and producers with spot-based commodity pricing, comprehensive, ag-based weather information, and a variety of market news and updates. This portal application can be used as a wrapper around other web-based applications.

  • Kendo UI
  • HTML 5
  • Entity Framework
  • JSON

"We went to production with the Kendo release on time on the evening of the 28th. It could not have gone any better. I had cautioned our team to be prepared for a possible mid-day hotfix since we had changed every single screen in the system, but by noon the next day we had no show stoppers of any kind reported, and only a very few minor cosmetic issues. We have had a few minor issues come up over the week, but they were far less than I had anticipated. The incredible work done by the Falafel team, our developers, and the exceptional job our QA team did led to one of the smoothest rollouts of a project of this magnitude that I have ever seen. I think it would have been almost impossible for us to pull this off under the circumstances and on the timeline we had to work with without the Falafel team being onboard with us. I greatly appreciate the effort you put in and the professionalism you showed. You did a great job keeping the project together and on track."