NativeScript allows you to build cross-platform, native iOS and Android apps using familiar web technologies such as Angular, TypeScript and JavaScript. You get native UI and performance while sharing skills and code with the web. That means if you built your website using JavaScript, you can potentially reuse some code to get a jump start on your mobile app. You also get access to native APIs via JavaScript and reuse of packages from NPM, CocoaPods and Gradle.

NativeScript is open source and backed by Progress Software.

Why NativeScript

NativeScript is great for the experienced web developer to use his/her skills in HTML/CSS/JavaScript to build native mobile apps.

How NativeScript Works

MeWatt - Built With NativeScript

The Falafel Team is experienced with building applications using NativeScript. In fact, one application we built for our client, MeWatt is a NativeScript showcase app. Using NativeScript saved our team weeks in development because we were able to reuse some code from the website, and develop for iOS and Android platforms from one code base. You can read our journey building MeWatt’s mobile application on our IoT page.

Learn More About MeWatt

NativeScript Preferred Partner

We continue to innovate in the technology space while striving to help the developer community with insightful blog posts. You can read our NativeScript blog posts here and watch a past webinar that gives a great overview of NativeScript and how to quickly get started.

We are also thrilled to have been awarded NativeScript Preferred Partner.

MeWatt Featured on

Falafel's award winning app MeWatt has been featured on
Take a few minutes to read how we revolutionized app building wih NativeScript.

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