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Driving and implementing a mobile strategy has been one of our core competencies since our early days. We offer full mobile application development from design, development and maintenance. With our proven experience, we work alongside our clients to cover all aspects of identifying mobile opportunities and executing an all-inclusive mobile strategy. Our mobile services cater to a broader segment, more than just developing mobile apps for iOS and Android. We help organizations realize their full potential through mobile implementation and execution.

We are a Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner and specifically develop mobile applications through Xamarin and NativeScript technologies, which gives the benefit of reusability, speed close to Native speed, access to Native libraries and efficiency with only needing one development team. With Xamarin and NativeScript, you do not need separate teams for different mobile platforms; you just need one. Our close ties with Microsoft and experience building mobile applications puts us in a unique position to provide full spectrum custom development services. Our familiarity with Cloud Development platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS can get you to the cloud quickly, while our mobile application development team can produce stunning native or web applications for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Working with Falafel

The Falafel development process is very iterative as we work closely with our clients to develop a solution we both can feel proud of. Instead of following a linear development timeline, we are feedback driven and iterative based on client’s collaboration. From the planning to development and deployment phases, clients have a say in how we approach the end solution, every step of the way. This differential creates beautiful and dynamic relationships which allows both sides to enjoy the work and to craft the exact specific needs of the organization, big and small.

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Falafel Training

Xamarin and NativeScript allow you to build native mobile applications for iOS and Android with C# or JavaScript, and share much of the code across the mobile platforms. What you might be missing however, is an underlying understanding of how to use the Xamarin or NativeScript tools, the life-cycle of the different mobile platforms or how to design the native UIs – knowledge of C# and/or JavaScript is a great start, but not enough to build professional mobile applications. With a strong background in the native mobile platforms outside of Xamarin/NativeScript, as well as world class C# and JavaScript experience, we will make sure you take full advantage of device capabilities, API’s and the .NET framework.

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Falafel Mentoring

Building mobile applications at scale is a specialty that Falafel Software provides for customers. Whether you need architecture, design, development or end­-to-­end delivery, we are ready to get started helping make your business successful. Get help with an existing Xamarin or NativeScript project or use our team as your go-to mentoring resource with our Mentoring Express packages.

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Falafel Design

Our superior design led engineering ensures a seamless user experience and brings more value to your project. Let our design team bring life to your software and give you the visibility you need to make an impact. Whether it’s wireframes, design assessments or user interface creation, we have the talent you need. Read more about our design philosophy.

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Falafel Assessments

Falafel Software will provide you with a concise, clear report identifying specific issues in your organization, plus concrete action items for improving multiple areas of your project.

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Falafel Testing

Busy building your software application? Have you implemented a testing strategy as part of your product development cycle? If not, we can help.

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We are NativeScript experts

Falafel Software has created many award winning mobile apps with NativeScript while saving time and money.
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Falafel is proud to be the only West Coast Google Cloud Partner for cloud deployment using Windows platform (.NET). Falafel software enjoys a superb relationship with Google while providing our enterprise customers great services for Google Cloud implementation including mentoring, training, and consulting.



Falafel is a NativeScript Preferred Partner. With a proven track record of delivering result driven projects and services, Falafel contributes to the NativeScript developer community while working on NativeScript mobile apps.



Falafel standarized on Progress Software's component suite after trying so many different qualified vendors. Falafel enjoys a great relationship with both Telerik's Bulgarian and US teams and has built world class consulting and training around Progress Software's products.



Falafel Software is an Authorized Consulting Partner for Xamarin, helping customers write once in C# and deliver native iOS, Android, Mac and Windows applications.



Falafel is a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner with very close ties to the Microsoft architecture and development teams.




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