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The Internet of Things can be generalized as the collision of hardware and software, giving your customers full control of their device, their data, and their usage behavior. It aims to adapt and improve the lives of your customers, and Falafel understands that underlying necessity when creating a software and hardware product. We look at the world of IoT with an open mind, developing hardware solutions paired with intuitive software to improve our client’s consumer lifestyle. IoT isn’t just about the consumer: we also automate business processes. With IoT, people and businesses alike are given the power to monitor their real-time data. This quantitative data, when combined with cloud-based analysis algorithms and state of the art sensors, can be used to generate recommendations and improvements as well as visualizing the physical health of systems. Companies are moving into the realm of IoT to further help their customers and leverage the power of direct data interaction for actionable recommendations.

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How Falafel Helped MeWatt® Corporation Build their IoT Device

MeWatt® Corporation came to us with an IoT idea. They envisioned an electric plug that allowed anyone to monitor their energy consumptions, regulate it, and improve their usage in order to save money and make the world a little bit greener. We believe in MeWatt’s mission of reducing our carbon footprint and saving energy, and we proudly became MeWatt’s system integrator.

Falafel’s engineers not only write great software, but we also know how to write software for hardware. Software engineers are plentiful, but finding software engineers who understand the intricacies of building software for hardware is rare. Our experience of creating software, designing hardware, and our insight into the manufacturing process allowed us to design and build the product that MeWatt® was seeking.

“We needed a partner we could trust. One who understood that software and hardware were not two separate steps but intertwined as a whole, a merge of the physical and digital. Falafel had that expertise and we knew they would be able to deliver our vision”

The Collaboration

The Falafel team got together to brainstorm how the product should function as both hardware and software. We mocked up user interface designs and system architecture that would best produce the desired data and outcome MeWatt® was seeking. This step is especially important as we proceeded to create the foundations on which to build the product on. Drawing from our vast experience building projects from the ground up, we were able to recommend a solid base that would easily scale up if needed.

The next phase of our collaboration was prototyping the device. We selected the sensors, micro-controllers, and actuators and began to design the PCB board for testing by the MeWatt® team. We evaluated numerous parts and modules for the best delivery of the product at a desired cost. Through various testings, we were able to create a prototype for a demo (Bary, one of our engineers wrote a blog on how to create a serial clip connector for multiple PCBs). The Falafel sourcing team then took all the components and test results to a selected manufacturer who specializes in creating the type of product we wanted to build.

Meanwhile, the Falafel software engineers began to construct a cloud infrastructure by first designing an engine that ingests real-time power usage data from the MeWatt® device. The cloud software also has bi-directional communication capabilities so that consumers can turn their devices on and off from the mobile app and the web portal.

“That moment when we all finished building the MeWatt® portal and began testing it; to see if the on/off switches for an appliance inside the portal would be the same as the physical device. I turned off the MeWatt® plug and seconds later, the portal showed the plug as off! We all laughed and had a celebration!”

MeWatt® and NativeScript

To create the mobile application, Falafel turned to NativeScript - a cross-platform mobile app framework that generates native code from JavaScript. Using NativeScript allowed us to quickly build the app for MeWatt and leverage code reuse across iOS and Android in order to improve maintainability. You can view and download the iOS app here and the Android app here.

With our team’s strong background in software engineering, we were able to create an elegant and intelligent web portal and mobile application that provides data such as real-time graphs, intuitive interaction with the device, and at-a-glance insight into power consumption over the course of the day, week, and month.

“We are happy that MeWatt® chose to work with Falafel to create their amazing product. It was a great collaborative journey where each team was able to learn and benefit from one another. We worked hard alongside tight deadlines, but were able to push the boundaries and deliver an amazing hardware and software product. We can’t wait for people to start using MeWatt®!”

Falafel took the MeWatt® idea from inception to the final production and consumer distribution. It was a great opportunity to work with a strong startup and showcase our ability to develop every step of the product creation process. We will be supporting the team at MeWatt® and collaborating for many years to come. You can order your very own MeWatt® here.

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