Design Fundamentals

Your software’s user interface is what the world sees. The most sound architecture on earth cannot save a poor user experience. Like it or not, judgement will be passed based on the way your software looks and how easy it is to use. Falafel Software’s army of graphic artists can help you design a jaw dropping user interface that not only looks great, but will have your end users thanking you for how easy it is to use. Contact Falafel Software today to get started designing your application.

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Every year the percentage of global internet traffic that originates from mobile devices increases, while desktop traffic decreases. There is no hiding from it anymore, the world has gone mobile and your software should too. Fortunately, the consultants at Falafel Software are well versed in the design guidelines for native iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 applications and can help you build that killer app.

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Web and Responsive

Not everyone needs a native mobile application, but your website should be “responsive”, meaning it should look great and be easy to use on all devices. Falafel Software can design and build responsive HTML5 based web applications that use only CSS and JavaScript to look perfect on desktops, tablets and phones. Contact us to get responsive.

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Why Falafel

Falafel Software takes the user experience very seriously. We’re one of the few software consulting firms you’ll find that has the technical skills to architect and build complex systems and provide a user interface that makes using the system a breeze.

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