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“We approached Falafel Software to help us develop an advanced healthcare application with very complex and specific requirements and a short delivery cycle. Not only have they innovated at every level of application and system design, they have also immersed themselves in the demands of this vertical market space. Falafel has exceeded my expectations in every way with unsurpassed professionalism, experience and friendship in delivering this application.”


Nick Adams

Vice President of Information Technology
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Our team of Microsoft Certified Professionals is comprised of experienced software architects, renowned industry speakers and prominent technical authors who pride themselves on their knowledge of cutting edge technology. Whether your business needs a cloud based enterprise system, a suite of mobile applications or just advice on your new website, Falafel Software can help. Contact us to setup your free project consultation.


UI/UX Design

Your software’s user interface is what the world sees. The most sound architecture on earth cannot save a poor user experience.


Project Assessment

Falafel’s Assessments provide you with a concise, clear report identifying specific issues in your organization, plus concrete action items for improving multiple areas of your project.

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Application Lifecycle Management

Delivering great software isn't just about using the latest technologies and writing well-designed source code. Delivering great software is a chain of complex communications and interactions, and too often organizations struggle through those events.

Managing your application's lifecycle (ALM) isn't just about tools; it's the vital communications that go on as you're building software. Falafel's expert consultants can help you smooth out your delivery process by helping your organization focus on key elements:

  • Ensure you're building the right features for the right people
  • Ensure you're gathering the right amounts of information at the right stages
  • Ensure you're doing the right work at the right points in your delivery chain
  • Ensure you're having clear, effective communication throughout your entire delivery cycle
  • Ensure you're delivering high-value, well-built, well-tested software to your customers
  • Ensure you're measuring the right things for each project, and avoid getting bogged down with low-value metrics that can hinder your team
  • Although ALM is more than tools, Falafel's consultants can help you get the most out of your existing toolset, or help you choose a toolset that will work with your current and future needs.

Our consultants are expert users in installing, configuring, and customizing many different ALM tools including Team Foundation Server, TeamPulse, ALMComplete, and more.

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