"Being the owner of a startup is difficult enough without having to learn the technical nuances of a CMS like Sitefinity. Falafel helped our company migrate an existing site and re-launch it in Sitefinity with significant improvements and style. They easily went above and beyond our original design and made it look easy! "

Howard Clark


"Falafel was beyond terrific - from their attitude and enthusiasm to their knowledge and experience with Teierik tools; they delivered the project on time and have proven to be everything and more that a company could possibly wish for. To say our experience with Falafel has been awesome would be an understatement."

Stas Mintowt-Czyz

General Manager
Advanced Auto Parts KeyLink Shop Management Systems

"When we launched a large software project we selected Telerik Controls to aid in rapid application development. Since our developers were new to the technology we were in search of a company who could provide training and support. A special thanks to Falafel Software for their excellent developer training on these tools. Additionally, Falafel jump-started our project through their consulting team. We employed Falafel developers that not only helped build our application foundation but did an excellent job of technology transfer to our developers."

Kevin Reeder

J.G. Boswell

"We started our project with only a week long training class and very little experience using the Telerik components. We created a prototype of a data warehouse user interface – but were unsure if our methodologies were scalable. We contacted Falafel for help in validating our solution and ongoing mentoring. Falafel has been absolutely wonderful, they have been very knowledgeable, patient, clear, witty and easy to understand. We haven't been able to stump them yet. As a result of the excellent care we have received from Falafel, we have been very successful in creating and deploying our project. "

Carrie Retzer

Business Intelligence Application Development Manager
Washington School Information Processing Cooperative

"When we went into this project, we wanted to partner with a company we could have a long-term relationship with. We found the perfect partners in Falafel Software and Telerik. "

Alice Wilson

Senior Product Engineer
Avail Technologies.

"Falafel has such a versatile team available, I think I have finally found a team that can teach me things on the level I am looking for! I find it so incredible that I am able to purchase mentoring hours from Falafel and use them in the ways that we are using them. I think it’s pretty standard to pay around $2500 for a week long technical education course and I find that the way Falafel's mentoring services work I am able to learn a month’s worth of education in a weeks time. This service is such a great benefit. Between Rachel, Adam, and now J – I have this arsenal of knowledge available I haven’t found anywhere else all in one place. "

Curtis Flowers

San Joaquin Refining Co.

"We approached Falafel Software to help us develop an advanced healthcare application with very complex and specific requirements and a short delivery cycle. Not only have they innovated at every level of application and system design, they have also immersed themselves in the demands of this vertical market space. Falafel has exceeded my expectations in every way with unsurpassed professionalism, experience and friendship in delivering this application."

Nick Adams

Vice President of Information Technology
Global Emergency Resources

"I contacted Falafel Sofware last year for a big rushed project as they were recommended to me by Telerik. After having been a Telerik user for many years, I've came to trust that their recommendations were trustworthy, and Falafel Software has proven themselves to be just as trustworthy. Having worked for the IT/IS Industry in both the public and private sector for close to two decades, I've had the opportunity to work with many consulting firms, developers, project managers, and consultants. Yet, Falafel Software was able to amaze me with their expertise, service, responsiveness, and workmanship. They truly care about the work that they do, and the success of their client. This is what makes them the top on my list. Thank-you Falafel Software!"

Thanh Ly

Database Administrator
Albert A. Webb Associates

"We were confident that Falafel Software would deliver state-of-the-art courseware. I am very happy with the final product and look forward to seeing its effect on the productivity of new and current Telerik ASP.NET customers."

Vassil Terziev

President & CEO
Telerik Inc.

"Whether its .Net, Delphi or even VB, these guys are great. Ask any question, you get a quick answer you can depend on. These guys are knowledgeable, versatile, dependable and fun to work with. I think of them as the consultants' consultant."

Jeff Bradford

President & CEO
Bradford Technologies

“The content of the Test Complete Summit was relevant to my test environment and it was presented in such a way that I was never bored or lost. Definitely worth my time and my company’s money!”

Kelli Jordan

Sr. QA Engineer
Newmerix Corp

"Falafel Software's knowledge and experience in the inner workings of software technology are quite impressive and worth every penny. I consider their resources a remarkably valuable extension of my development team. I would freely recommend their software development services to anyone."

Richard Henry

Chief Executive Officer
Quebase Inc.

“Great Video!! This DDT Webinar is one of the best that I've seen so far. It makes a great difference from the samples or the help in TestComplete. I'm looking forward to see the next one about web testing in here, to discover some new tricks:)”


“The TestComplete Training Summit was the best training class I have attended in years. It held my interest throughout the four days and I walked away with practical solutions to real automation issues. This will take my QA group to the next level.”

Maureen Lally

Senior QA Engineer
BroadView Networks, NY

"This training was a great experience. Besides having it in a great location (Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel) I had a lot of fun in the training. The instructor was world class. I feel that those few days I spent in that class gave me the knowledge I needed to be successful with TestComplete."

Aaron Frost

QA Engineer III
Automatic Data Processing Inc.

"Lino was amazingly knowledgeable of the content. By having such resources available, I have the confidence to know that any road block can be overcome."

Layla M. Walden

Quality Assurance Analyst

"Training with Falafel was like drinking from a fire hose, but the water was cool, refreshing and oh so tasty."

Jamie Carper

Software Architect
MJW Corporation

"My staff had experienced Lino's knowledge and presentation skills at two separate conferences over the last year. In our efforts to get a jump-start with .NET, they asked me to provide them with training, and recommended having Lino and Falafel Software be the providers. Lino and his Company were very easy and professional to deal with to setup the course. Once the course was underway, it was obvious that we had made the absolute best choice for our needs. Lino's software design and development experience and expertise, combined with his intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the .NET "industry" and its leading players give him a background that few other people possess. However, what made this training so valuable was Lino's ability to put this together as a package."

James V. Wierowski, Ph.D.

Sr. Vice President
MJW Corporation

"Lino exhibits that rarest of traits in a trainer, the ability to not only explain complex topics in which he has vast knowledge, but also to keep the topic interesting and entertaining. It is a pleasure to sit in on one of his classes."

Kenneth J.Bachman

Sr. Software Engineer
MJW Corporation

“Lino was an impressive instructor; his knowledge, humor, clear explanations, patience and fearless approach to breaking and fixing any Sitefinity issue instantly, gives me much confidence in my Sitefinity challenges, as well as in Falafel's clear experience and ability mastering Sitefinity.

Thank you Lino for a superlative learning experience."

Christopher Eller

Web/Application Developer
Wellbridge, inc

“I wish to say thanks for this Video on Data Driven Testing with Test Complete 7. In my opinion, this is the most informative video I’ve seen in the series. I learned about TC7 before having to upgrade. This is one of the videos that makes my job much easier.”

Bill Jenner

Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories, IT


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