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The cloud has made it easier for companies to quickly scale up with minimal efforts so businesses can focus on delivering a fantastic customer experience all around. More companies are choosing to move to the cloud for optimizing growth, improving performance and creating future ready solutions.

Falafel Software has been providing software and cloud application development services to clients in US, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Using a mix of agile and traditional methodologies, we have been able to achieve considerable benefits for clients including robust infrastructure, access to scale ready cloud servers and greater control on overall uptime. Our highly trained staff of Senior Engineers, Architects and Designers have expertise that is unmatched for delivering custom cloud software and infrastructure solutions using Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services.

Falafel’s Cloud Specialists have extensive training and years of experience to overcome any challenges you may encounter. We work alongside our clients to create a perfect strategy to save cost, increase efficiencies and adapt your team to an ever changing technology. We have helped thousands of companies, providing end-to-end solutions or lending a hand along the way. Whether it is consultants or training partners, we are your cloud experts.

We believe our strong combination of skills and team experience positions us as the safest choice to get the job done on time and on budget, and we greatly look forward to working on your project and delivering an amazing product. We have the experience many organizations do not have in architecture, building, deploying and managing applications in the cloud. Let us help you move forward, let us show you the Falafel way.

Working With Falafel

Falafel Software provides experts to build your application or move your existing platform toward an enterprise cloud solution. Our proven expertise is exhibited in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.  We are ready to tackle the most challenging projects including: architecting cloud infrastructure, website and application building, setup and configuration and deployment and testing.

Besides custom project development, Falafel offers additional services to help your development team. We offer the option of having a senior Falafel engineer as a mentor to consult with your developers on any challenges that may arise or to simply collaborate and build the application together. When companies choose to go with the Falafel Mentoring, we provide a level of confidence and teaching to produce, together, a solution that is geared toward your business and having your team involved throughout the whole process. You minimize risks by keeping your team up to date on the newest cloud technology and have the internal knowledge to handle any challenges that may come up. If you feel that mentoring isn’t enough and want us to take on a project? Give us a call and we will build the whole application for you at the right budget and great service all in a timely manner.

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Falafel Assessments

Falafel Software will provide you with a concise, clear report identifying specific issues in your organization, plus concrete action items for improving multiple areas of your project.

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Falafel Mentoring

Building a cloud scale application is no easy feat. Falafel Software engineers are experts at architecting, building and delivering cloud applications. We provide services to enable your current teams by providing expertise in building, designing, and delivering the entire solution.

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Falafel Design

Our superior design led engineering ensures a seamless user experience and brings more value to your project. Let our design team bring life to your software and give you the visibility you need to make an impact. Whether it’s wireframes, design assessments or user interface creation, we have the talent you need. Read more about our design philosophy.

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Falafel Testing

Busy building your software application? Have you implemented a testing strategy as part of your product development cycle? If not, we can help.

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Falafel is proud to be the only West Coast Google Cloud Partner for cloud deployment using Windows platform (.NET). Falafel software enjoys a superb relationship with Google while providing our enterprise customers great services for Google Cloud implementation including mentoring, training, and consulting.



Falafel standarized on Progress Software's component suite after trying so many different qualified vendors. Falafel enjoys a great relationship with both Telerik's Bulgarian and US teams and has built world class consulting and training around Progress Software's products.



Falafel is a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner with very close ties to the Microsoft architecture and development teams.




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