Sometimes, despite the best intentions of good people, organizations run into problems delivering great value in the software systems they build. Falafel’s Software Project Assessment can help organizations get back on track.

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Why an Assessment from Falafel?

Perhaps some of the following situations apply to your delivery cycle:

  • Delivery velocity slowing
  • Quality of releases dropping
  • System performing poorly
  • Building the wrong things

Organizations need to continually improve their delivery of value to customers. Falafel’s Master Consultants have decades of experience across many different domains, technologies, and processes. They bring an unbiased set of eyes to your organization and are able to help point out areas for improvement in a supportive, professional manner.

Your assessment report will give you a roadmap of areas in which your application can be improved, plus specific guidance on steps you can take to move forward.


How Assessments Work

Depending on the type of assessment you’re looking for, Falafel’s assessments start with audits of your development processes, engineering skills, and codebases. Falafel looks for specific issues such as:

  • Process roadblocks and waste
  • Areas for skills improvement (code design, testing, etc.)
  • Infrastructure issues
  • Codebase smells (unnecessary coupling, complexity, duplication, etc.)
  • Security flaws

Our team will create a report detailing our findings and recommendations, and will review the report with you at the conclusion of the assessment.


What Assessments Give You

Falafel’s Assessments provide you with a concise, clear report identifying specific issues in your organization, plus concrete action items for improving areas like:

  • Maintainability
  • Application architecture
  • Performance improvements
  • Security concerns
  • Optimal use of third-party tools
  • User Experience
  • Requirements/acceptance criteria elaboration
  • Automated test infrastructure
  • Source Control and Build Server Configuration

Falafel’s Help Doesn’t Stop Here

Need help getting your Assessment Roadmap implemented? Falafel’s help doesn’t have to stop when the report’s handed off!

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